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All our boilies are rolled to the table with fresh eggs, ground cereal flours to guarantee their freshness. They are steamed, dried and vacuum packed to preserve their attractiveness.

Seeds and eggs are bought directly from producers in our region (Seine et Marne).

We guarantee you 80% of the products of French origin that make up our bait.

The spices and other products that make up our boilies are derived from human food.

HCC wants above all to propose fresh and artisanal baits, without preservatives, 100% biodegradable and fully assimilable by all types of fish in order to disappear totally from the bottom of the water.

Do not give the fish what you would not eat yourself !!!!!

Good visit.

Montégu Philippe

PS: THE SHIPPING FEES ARE OFFERED FROM 149 € OF PURCHASE by Mondial Relay exclusively and COLIS SUPERIEUR A 30KG a small fixed participation will be counted

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